Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Author Interview with Lisa T. Bergren

Due to technical difficulties I'm just now able to post this interview.
(my apologies to Mrs Lisa.) I've had this interview for way to long. 

I'd first like to thank Lisa for taking the time to answer my questions. For letting me have this is an exciting opportunity to get to know one of my new favorite authors. Lisa T. Bergren is the author of the new YA "Rivers of time Series". She's also the author of thirty-plus other books, including the Colorado historical trilogy (Breathe, Sing and Claim). She lives in Colorado with her Husband and three children.

Where did the idea for your "River of Time Series" come from?

I've always loved the combination of historical and contemporary (THE BRIDGE had flashbacks to 1970s; CHRISTMAS EVERY MORNING had journal entries)--this was the perfect way to marry the two! Put the contemporary characters IN the historical time period. It provided instant and constant tension.

Have you do any archaeological work? If not would you consider it?

I like the romantic idea of it. I think I'd get tired of the hot, dusty 
work after a day or two. But I'd consider volunteering!

How many books are set for the "River of Times Series"? 

Three; but I'd love to go back and tell Lia and Luca's story for books 4-6. 
But 1-3 have to prove successful first.

Having just recently found your works and just now finding out that you write 
all sorts of things (children's books, adult fiction, devotionals for women). 
Can you tell me which type of book you like writing best and why?

These books were SO fun to write--when I get to write a combination of action, 
adventure and romance, the words just fly from my brain and heart to the page. It's almost easy--like watching a movie play.

Tell us, where is your favorite place to write and do you have a specific writing

Errands, email, Twitter, Facebook, house management in the a.m.; writing in the afternoon--most successfully, at the library, where I'm away from all those  things noted for a.m. :-)

How hard is it for you to create a character in your books and then something 
horrific happen to them? Are they just words on a page or do you get attached 
to them?

I FEEL my main characters. Cry with them, laugh with them. If I'm not, then I 
need to do more work...because if I'm not, then the reader isn't going to 
connect with them in a visceral way either.

Once you've written a series and completed it, have you ever considered adding 
more books to it or once it's done it's done? Do those characters ever call to 
have more written about them? 

The only series I've wanted to write more for was The Gifted (THE BEGOTTEN, 
THE BETRAYED, THE BLESSED) and now River of Time. On the others, I was done!

If you could travel back in time where would go?

I'd like to be a travel "dipper"--stopping in my medieval time period in Italy 
to see how close I really got to reality; 1885 Midwest USA to see the 
Industrialists really take hold; 1915 Midwest to see my relatives, first 
generation immigrants, finding their way. But I really, really love modern 
conveniences. :-)

And for my last question... Are you currently reading anything?

Just finished DIVERGENT, a secular YA novel, and finally got around to reading THE HELP--both excellent books. I read a wide variety of books, and that's gotten even wider with my current fascination with YA novels. Next up, Libby Bray's BEAUTY QUEENS.

My sincere thanks for taking a few minutes to get to know you. Is there anything 
else you'd like to tell my readers before we close?

Only that I'd love to connect--find me on Facebook or Twitter! I love hearing 
from readers.

Thank you so much for this exciting opportunity. I look forward to reading more from you, beyond Torrent. I have lots of your books to catch up on. 

Thanks for the opportunity!