Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Release Date - Finally

Publisher's Notes: We know you’ve all been waiting for this—at long last, here’s the cover for INHERITANCE, Book Four in Christopher Paolini’s #1 bestselling Inheritance Cycle. It’s out November 8, 2011 so let the countdown begin!
You can read all about it, visit, or check out the Facebook page, where other fans are talking all about it!
My thoughts: Although I've not read the series yet, I know others that are impatiently awaiting this books release. Now we finally have a date set. The customers at my store will be very happy about this news. I'm impatiently awaiting the second movie in this series "Eldest". Well see when that makes the big screen.  


  1. Finally! My husband has been hounding me about a release date for almost a year. Seriously. Thanks for the update!

  2. Cool! Can't wait! I like this series!